Heard today

On the radio: Spring is officially half over. So if you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, I’d say just leave it for next year!

Amen to that!

On the current splinter trauma (three splinters in one three year old finger) : Only four year olds and older kids and only two year olds are bwave enough to det spwintewrs out.

On helping around the house: When I’m a dwone-up, I’ll be bid enough to do all your woort for you, wite doing to the stowre so you don’t have to, you tan dist div me a wist; and I’ll tuut suppewr for you, and mate dewicious dessewrts for you, and I’ll even nuwrse the new bowrn baby for you!

On serving sizes: You dave me too mutz dinnewr, dere’s not even enough room for my fort!

4 thoughts on “Heard today

  1. I think the whole thing about Spring cleaning is an EXCELLENT idea. I’m going to run with that from now on. 🙂

    Oh, poor girl! I hate splinters – I was just remarking to Daniel Sunday about them. I was wondering how something SO small can hurt SO bad!
    What a big, brave girl!


  2. I remember the days of “I’ll live here and help you and Daddy until you die and then I’ll take over” now it seems middle school girls have a whole different way of seeing it!

    Very sweet post!

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