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Me: all enthusiastic about the new gardening book I’ve checked out from the library, showing Kevin all sorts of cottage gardens, water gardens, perennial simple practically maintenance free gardens. “look at this one! Oh and see this! This is exactly what I want!” My past experience with gardening not dampening my excitement one bit.

Finally Kevin responds with: Ok ONE, you have get live plants. TWO, you have to plant them while they are still alive. AND THREE, you have to water and weed them so they live!

Me: Ummm…yeah.
Aviana is eating an apple. I ask if I can have a bite. When I hand it back, she is all woeful, “But Mama, I wanted it to wook wike a hot air bawoon!”
After using her toy mop to spread water all over the kitchen, Miss A enthuses: I tan mop for you evewry day you need it! I will dist wuv to!
Our porch kitties have graduated to getting to go outside during the day. When we went to let them back in the other evening, we couldn’t find them. Aviana was quite distressed.

” We HAVE to find dem, Mama! I am twite fond of dem!”
We have some delightful books from Usborne called Farmyard Tales. Every one of them starts the same: This is Apple Tree Farm. This is Mrs. Boot, the farmer. She has two children called Poppy and Sam, and a dog named Rusty.

Today Aviana wanted to know:”Why are our tows not as tween as Poppy and Sam’s?”
Aviana is in her room, busily pretending. She calls out to me, “I’m mating you a sweatewr. You will dist wuv it!”

A while later she amends her gift, “Actually, it’s a poncho. I don’t know how to mate sweeves yet!”
Opa is wiping off Gypsy’s paws. Brielle wants to know what he’s doing, so he explains. He finishes with saying, “Because it’s wet outside.”
Brielle thinks about this for a second, and says, “Boots!”
Aviana, on life: I’m reawry tumpweetwee vewry wight! (I’m really, completely, very, right!)

13 thoughts on “Heard Recently

  1. We LOVE Farmyard Tales! I’ve read about Poppy and Sam so many times I think I could quote the book!

    That Miss Aviana! She’s quite the little lady with a BIG vocabulary!


  2. Priceless! I love your toddlerese!!! I don’t know what my gardening skills are… yet! I won’t know until probably next spring. *SIGH*

  3. I found your blog on Raising Country Kids and thought i’d drop by and say hi. Your little girls are really cute. Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy!

    P.S. I’ll be adding your blog to my “new improved” blogroll.

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