Happy Valentine’s To ME!

The pots and pans we had were cheap-ish ones I bought myself when I was single and didn’t even cook. The Teflon was starting to come off, so we decided to spring for this gorgeous Kitchen Aid set. Don’t you just want to cook something right now?

Also, inexplicably, when Kevin went to buy these, he also bought a four pack of toilet bowl cleaner. The pans I’ll gladly accept for a Valentine’s present, but toilet cleaner? Not so much!

And since we had all the furniture moved around anyway because of the carpet cleaning, I decided to rearrange. It’s pretty limited options at our house because of a sectional, and the layout, but I figured after three years of the same arrangement, it was time to mix it up a bit.
*That spindly plant by the couch Kevin gave to me when Aviana was born, (and it was huge and gorgeous then!). It was up in my scrapbooking room dying a slow painful death, but I’m now trying to nurse it back to health. *I’d really like to get rid of the stereo, and get something muchmuchmuch smaller, but I haven’t been able to convince K yet. It was almost more than he could handle to get rid of the CD cabinet and all the jewel cases and put all the CDs in the little zipper case.
*The little white hooks on the wall are from where we hung our Christmas stockings, and we just haven’t gotten around to taking them down. *I’m reading Voices of the Faithful and the complete Chronicles of Narnia.
*On top of the computer armoire you’ll see my bouquet from our wedding. The china hutches have slowly morphed into preschool cabinets.*On top is Aviana’s “grocery store” and all the puzzles. I am tired of picking up all the pieces again and again. The Montessori method of keeping toys(books, dishes ect) accessible to children is not working in our house at this time. *The curtain on the stairs is made of thick upholstery material to keep the heat from rising.

5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s To ME!

  1. Cool pot set! Congrats! I wanted to post a comment on “Stuff I really really like”, but never had 5 minutes to do it…even though I composed it in my head several times.
    So, even though it’s late, here it is:
    Things I really, really like –
    the color purple (all shades), laughter, kids, reading, the outdoors, Those Mr. Clean erasers, my car, my new windows and a/c, ice cream, my grain mill and big mixer (for making bread), baseball, decorating my house for any holiday, Creative Memories scrapbooks, my digital camera, my homeschool record keeping/organizing software, and a bunch more stuff.

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