Happy Birthday!

Aviana and I made a wonderland cake to take over to my sister for her 29th.With a 12 day old baby with RSV and the toddler, preschooler, and grownups getting over their assorted illnesses, her birthday was not high on the list. Aviana wanted red frosting, which as you can see turned out to be a rather garish pink instead, and I thought it would be cool to make it a sort of towery cake, which again, looks rather odd. Combine that with the top two layers slipping off, this was the most eventful birthday cake I’ve ever made.

After this celebration, we headed for Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party with our homegroup for two of our members. We had a nice time, although I bet there aren’t too many 44 year olds/50 year olds who celebrate their birthdays surrounded by singing rats and clanging machines–well maybe if they go to a casino. Poor Baby A, we’ve had so many late nights this week, she is just exhausted!

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