Happy Birthday Baby B

Aviana is off at “Cousin Camp” (more on that later), and Brielle and I have really enjoyed our two hour block in the morning when Cadrian is napping. Yesterday, we did some shaving cream fun. Some art. Some reading. Some snuggling. Truly appreciating each other.

She made that “B” all by herself!
We also did some facepainting.
Then today, we did birthday stuff. My middlest turned three! We made a pink and purple cake with purple frosting.

Her Aunt Connie came over with some presents, including her favorite: sidewalk chalk that “wooks wike ice tweem! and you tan wite with both ends! the top and the bottom!)

After quiet time, we went to the pool for a while. Luckily, no one went into labor this time. HA!

It was pretty chilly, but we still managed to have a rollicking good time. It was especially frolicsome when some lady came up to me and said, “Can I ask you a question?”


“Do you have a blog?”

As it turns out, she heard Kevin introducing our kids to someone, and her mom is a Farm Fresh Fan! Shout out to Jane’s mom! And how awesome is she, to be a 78 year old blog fan?!

Plus Jane home schools. And is from my area. Double bonus.

Anyway, we thought we were done for when Brielle fell asleep on the ride home, but we managed to prop her eyes open with promises of presents and cake and the birthday song. Grandma and Grandpa got to join in for some Santa Fe chicken and pink and purple cake.

And Cadrian managed to score himself some of that cake. An entire piece in fact. Luckily they were small pieces. But how could any self respecting baby resist fistfuls of cake with my Aunt Twila’s frosting?
Hmmm. All this cake talk is making me hungry. *off to nosh some pink and purple cake*

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