Happiness Factor

Sunny morning spent with friends. Prayers, tears, lots of laughter (even some snorting), chatting, affirming. Wonderful food. Filling my tummy, my head and my heart (not necessarily in that order).

I was so fulfilled this morning. Kevin and one of the other dads took our kids on a playdate manly outing, while the mamas enjoyed one another’s company and celebrated the impending adoption (after 3 long years) of one of our dear friends.

Plus I feel GOOD. Not totally bounding out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed good –but who are we kidding?–I don’t think I’ve done that since my age got into double digits.

Even eggs are happier when they look good.

The month of February was plagued with so much illness and pain that I didn’t really enjoy myself or my life. I’m ashamed to say that my joy was hard to come by, and still, even though I try to give thanks in all circumstances and rejoice in the Lord, my happiness seems largely dependent on my circumstances. I am better than I used to be, and with God’s grace and strength, I am going to keep getting better.

What boys do on a playdate manly outing

Regardless, I’m so thankful that today’s happiness factor is


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