Such an ’80’s man
I told Kevin that when I get to the size I want to be, I want to buy a pair of designer jeans as a reward.

“What,” says he, “like Jordache?”
Count with me now, one, two, three…
Our church is starting a study of the 10 Commandments. We’ll be starting to attend a small group to go along with the services, one commandment each week.

As I’m standing around discussing our new group with two of the women who will be in it with me, I ask, “So how long will this group last?”

One of the ladies answered, “I’m not sure, do you know?”

“Ummm…” replied the the other, looking at us both oddly, “Ten weeks!?”
Um, what were we talking about?

My adorable friend says she and her husband joke about her having ADOS syndrome.

It’s a perfect fit for me as well.

What’s ADOS? Attention deficit …oooh, shiny!

I don’t get it.
Later that evening, I’m telling Kevin about the ADOS story, and he gives me a blank look, and asks curiously, “So, she likes shiny things?”

This, from someone who’s never seen a Different Strokes in her life…
I was babysitting yesterday for the sweetest 5 and 7 year old boys you ever met. The five year old is in the “joke telling phase”. His older brother is sort of rolling his eyes as Isaac is telling joke after joke while we’re all riding in the van.

“Why did the tree cross the road?”
“Because it had pine needles!”
“Why did the house cross the road?”
Because it has a roof!”

Like that, all the way to our house. My girls however are squealing with laughter after every terrific punchline, like they’ve never heard anything that funny. This encourages Isaac even more, and he takes it up a notch, talking in a high pitched squeaky voice.

Aviana says, “We tan’t understand you. Talk in your reduwar voice!”

Brielle joins in with the same sentiment and emphatically questions, “WHATCHU TALKIN’ ‘BOUT, Eye-zit?!”
Men and women can’t communicate
My mom, who works in a library, had loaned me one of her library books to read over the weekend. We had a big long drawn out discussion about the loan of this book, because neither of us had any books left to read, and finally decided I would keep the book over the weekend, because Mom was going to work, and would probably be able to find something while she was there (at the library).

Halfway through the day, my mom sent me an email that read, “Thanks a lot! Because of you, I now have checked out 3 non-fiction books, 4 novels and a couple of DVD’s. This is all your fault you know, because you kept that book! I hope you’re feeling guilty.”

I thought this was pretty funny and was relating it too Kevin.
No smile. Nothin’.
So I tried again to explain the (to me) obvious hilarity in this note.
Still, nothin’.
The third time through my trying to get my man to laugh, he interrupts me with, “I just don’t see why that’s worth sending an email!”

15 thoughts on “*grin*

  1. Jordache – bwahahahaha!!!!

    Too funny, I think I suffer from ADOS as well. As evidenced by the fact that two nights ago I checked to make sure the garage door was closed before bed and missed the fact that I’d left a burner on. Last night I checked the burner and missed the garage door, this morning is was open to the World.

  2. LOL you only get your jordache if he gets a sweet pair of Z Cavs!

    Ok so Dax was watching Imagination Movers, and I think your husband looks a little like the cute farmer guy on there. I havent seen many pics of Kevin, and it could just be the hat and the fact that they are both cute farmers, but was watching that and thought of you!

  3. Jordache. 😉 Although with the ’80 s styles I see popping up in the stores my older daughters shop in I wouldn’t be surprised to see a comeback. Love the zany snippets!

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