The Greatest Show on Earth!

We were so excited to go to the circus! We went with Gigi and Grandma Leonard. It was so fun.

Aviana liked Bello the daredevil clown the best, closely followed by the elephants and tightrope walkers.

She says:

“You get bitter you ride elphant yike BELLO! Bello tanding on elphant” (when she gets bigger, she’ll ride the elephant like Bello. Bello was standing on an elephant, while the elephant walked around the ring.)

“Walk tightrope” as she lays a ribbon down on the floor to walk on or attempts to walk the handle of her wagon.

“Bello change clothes, Bello FUNNY!” (Bello had an act in which he went into a ‘phone booth’ and came out in a completely different suit)

“Yike amimals. Yike HORSES!”

“Peopeel dumping out of tannon! You go in tannon. Watch tannon moofie.” (people jumping out of the cannon. She wants to go in the cannon. And watch the cannon movie -the souvenier circus DVD we got)

A grand time was had by all and will provide conversational fodder for weeks to come.

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