The Great Robber

I mourn the man I never knew.
I mourn the man my children will never know.

Who are you really? You never let us see.
You hide behind small talk and
the television and
smiles that never really reach your eyes.

You used to run the business.
Now you sit.
You used to be in charge.
Now you get lost.
You used to make money.
Now you can’t make a sandwich.
You used to care about the details.
Now you need cared for.

I see you more now than ever.
And yet I see less of you.

I wish I could have known you when
you were the man you were then.
I wish I could have seen what she saw
in who you used to be.
I wish it were different.
dedicated to our loved ones whose golden years were stolen by Alzheimer’s Disease.

One thought on “The Great Robber

  1. Love the post. I have an alzheimer support group that I run. Through my experence with the group and hospice I have seen so many families suffer the loss of thier loved one and the "way they used to be." I always thought that it would be wonderful if I would have gotten to know the individuals I worked with before they were struck with this terrible disease.

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