I think I’m going to change my favorite month to November.

Today I’m grateful for this sweet baby snursing (sleeping, snoring and nursing) in the crook of my arm. For my feverish, whiney two year old who is still and snuggly only when he’s sleepy or ill. For my four year old who says, “Mama?” so many times a day, I don’t even want to answer anymore…and then one time, apropos of  nothing…”Mama?” ….almost exasperated, ” What?” “I love you.” For my thoughtful six year old who adores to hold Elivette and rock and sing to her. For my eight year old who is busily thinking of gifts to make for Christmas at an exhausting rate and enthusiastically writing out Bible verses on notecards to help her memorize them. For my husband who finished harvest before October was over and who works almost dawn to dark and who still manages to make me laugh every single day. And for my Father who gave me this gifts.

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving … 1Timothy 4:4

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