Gratefulness 3

I am thankful for people who make me laugh. I really like to laugh.

My son made me laugh when he stumbled into my room with his eyes squeezed shut against the lamp light. He snuggles in next to me, sighs contentedly. Breathes deep, low, even. Toots audibly…mumbles “‘Scuse me”, and nuzzles closer. Seriously! How did I manage to get blessed with this child?

My friends made me laugh with this exchange:

  •    Farm Fresh Jessica:  Ohp–it says you’re already a member!

  • Karen: Jessica, I’m pretty bad with texting/Internet abbreviations so I had to google “Ohp”. So were you meaning “Oregon Health Plan” or “Oklahoma Highway Patrol”?;);)

    A different Jessica:Maybe a phonetic “ooooohhh” with a p sound at the end?

    A different Jessica: Or… OHP… Out Hunting Pigeons

    Farm Fresh Jessica: I’m laughing so hard I can’t come up with a good comeback.

    A different Jessica: ooooooohh hush puppies!!!!

    Karen: Oh heaven’s preserve! 

    Farm Fresh Jessica:  we say ohp around here. Like “ohp, there’s no more cookie dough! how did THAT happen?”

    Karen : ^i actually thought if that when I saw your ohp- then I thought I’d better google it!

    Karen : I like the pigeons better though 

    Kevin made me laugh in the wee hours of the morning.

    Cadrian came in our bed twice, the dog hopped up there at least once, Denton got up really stinkin’ early, Aviana turned on the light at 5 and of course, Elivette was more than happy to nurse every ten minutes.

    Kevin said, “Well, since we’re awake anyway, and the children are otherwise occupied…” *eyebrows waggle suggestively* *wink, wink*

    I joked back, “You’d better make it fast before another child comes in here. You probably have 2 minutes.”

    Kevin sighed and said, “How is it possible that people with a lot of kids have a lot of kids? It seems counter intuitive. You’d think the people with no kids would have a lot of kids.”

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