Gratefulness 21

I’m grateful for my Handsome Husband taking us out to lunch.

I’m grateful I got to take a nearly three hour nap!
I’m grateful I got to go shopping.
I’m grateful for the gift card my sister gave me that enabled me to go shopping!
I’m grateful for new: sweater, boots, necklace and headband and pants.
I’m grateful I was accompanied by only Aviana.
I’m grateful she was so fun to be with.
I’m grateful for Target’s pre-Thanksgiving sales and coupons, which saved me a bundle.
I’m grateful that even though “Denton” called me screaming his head off while I was in the check out with the most incredibly inept cashier, he was calmed down by the time I got home.
I’m grateful for the act of putting away groceries.
I’m so very grateful for our many blessings.

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