Gratefulness 20

I have several projects that I would love to get done. Material waiting to be cut, cut out pants waiting to be sewn, felt waiting to become functional and decorative, yarn waiting to be knitted, patterns waiting to be followed, pictures waiting to be captioned and placed, letters waiting to be written, decorations waiting to be switched out and displayed. Then beside the fun relaxing projects are the drudgery projects like a basement that needs rearranged, organized and (ack!) cleaned, a garage awaiting similar treatment, closets and cabinets galore…I feel like I will never get it done.

Especially with BOB. Baby On Boob. Kevin says it’s a wonder she isn’t 25 pounds as much as she nurses.

Today, my sister-in-law graciously and generously invited the olders over to decorate her tree and to spend the afternoon with her. I thought I might get a little sewing done while Elivette slept and before Denton woke up. Didn’t happen. And so it went, one or the other or both of them interrupting my plans with their needs and desires.

But I am thankful. Thankful for the chance to spend some time with my littles. Denton and I made “ooey gooey chewie cookie bars” while Elivette slept in the wrap. He felt so special being my only sous chef. Thankful I can nurse and give my girl all the nutrition she needs.  Thankful for her sweet smelling breath as she musters up her “ah-goooooo” with all of her might. Thankful for her long lashed gaze as she waits for me to make eye contact so she can grin at me with her whole body. th
Thankful for her dimpled fists tucked under her chin as she suckles enough milk to sustain her for several hours of the night.

We might not all have matching pajama pants by Christmas and my new shelves in the basement may just stay empty for another season, because for right now, I have a BOB, a nursling who needs me. This stage will soon be over. So I am trying to treasure these moments. These moments make up a lifetime and I want to look back and be well pleased with how I spent them.

So thankful for that opportunity.

5 thoughts on “Gratefulness 20

  1. I am grateful that I took the time to slow down with my last nursling. A year from now he'll be three and likely weaned. Such a precious, precious short time. I'm sad this upcoming baby will be the last of our baby days.

  2. I have to wear my babies constantly so I can get anything done. My 8 month old just graduated to an ergo on the back but was in a sleepy wrap up until then. I can nurse and work with a baby in a sleepy wrap.

  3. true dat. I have a quiet book for Lilly I've had sketched out (and 75% purchased materials for) since LAST fall. I thought I'd get to it this year, it's not looking good. I wanted to make Zach some pj pants, and the girls some leggings and skirts. I wanted to just get a decent picture of the three kids to send to family members and MAYBE even display in our home. (Since…apparently I haven't ordered/hung photos since Zach was the only. ooops) But…it'll wait I guess. 🙂

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