Gratefulness 19

Thankful for friends who don’t care if you’re unkempt and crazy eyed. They come into the bathroom where you’re dealing with a screaming sling baby and another toddler wet pants accident and rescue you from the ear splitting shrieks.

Thankful for friends who are gracious and welcoming. They invite you and your brood over and make you mocha and serve tea and pass an amiable afternoon.

Thankful for friends who are knowledgeable. They enlighten you about things like Tea Tree Oil and Libertarianism and God and circumcision. They just talk, and don’t judge.

Thankful for friends who listen.

Thankful for friends who just are. Who love. Who are mine.


When I first left teaching and stayed home full time with my adorable but very high needs baby, my friendships started changing. Most of my friends still worked and lived pretty far from me. I felt bereft. Lonely. Sad. My mom and I prayed I would God would give me some girlfriends. Friends to challenge me to be better and who were like minded and who I could walk alongside in our life journeys.

He has answered those pleas abundantly. I’m so thankful!

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