Gratefulness 19

I’m grateful for a husband who gives me sovereign silver and juice when I am sick.

I’m grateful for a heroic mom who comes to care for my babies on her day off so I can sleep.

I’m grateful for a 2 month old who takes a three hour nap so I too can take a three hour nap.

I’m grateful for children who mostly abide by Quiet Time Guidelines so I can rest in the dim and watch a movie.

I’m grateful to feel better today.
***And as an aside, having watched TV for the first time yesterday in a long time, I have to add that I am COMPLETELY appalled by the Toyota Highlander commercials. The parents are portrayed as buffoons and the boy is cheeky and disrespectful and in serious need of some Sassy Spray. The tagline of these commercials is “Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to be lame.” There is something seriously wrong with a society who thinks this is acceptable, and worse yet, funny. ***

3 thoughts on “Gratefulness 19

  1. Still loving the gratefulness series, and glad you are feeling better.

    I'm also glad to see I'm not the only one regarding the Toyota commercial. I ranted and raved to my husband about this absurd bit of marketing. I'm very angry about it, still!

    The idea that what we *have* makes us, is entirely unacceptable. For this reason, once fans of Toyota, I would be very unlikely to purchase one. Never mind the idea that if you have several children you may have to drive a *lame* care just to transport them all…ugh…

    I'd rather be driving the out-of-date station wagon..for all it once represented-family, down to earth, and being reasonable than any new hot item.

    Of course, people won't see it that way..they'll laugh along with it. The same people whose households boast "We can't afford for her to be a SAHM"-one where he works 60 hours a week and her 40+, for their "not lame car" and fancy house..great..

  2. You should send them a letter or email. I did that once for another company and told them how much I disliked/disapproved of their ad and why and I actually got a phone call from them! They appologized heartily and I don't remember seeing that commercial again. Let them know how you feel and why. You could make the difference. 🙂

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