Gratefulness 15

I am grateful for learning new.

I have started a new Bible reading plan and am reading in Genesis. I have read it a few times before and yet…am still learning new things.

I started knitting a few years ago and have made my share of duddy projects, and made a few winners too; or at least they turned out similar to what they were supposed to be like. Despite my failures, I just courageously bought a pattern for this shrug…something that needs to fit, something for me! But, I like to try new things!

Elivette is our fifth blessing. You would think I know quite a bit about babies; and yet, she is all new. She is recovering from terrible diaper rash and I am SO thankful I learned new methods of treating her (and thankful to my midwife for all her help).

I was talking with a friend today about Creation magazine and Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. I am still learning new exciting things about how science backs up Biblical creation and backs up my faith with tangible proof.

So many more examples, but yeah, thankful for learning anew.

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