Gratefulness 12

I am thankful we were able to go up to Chicago for an overnight stay. The three hour drive up was not too bad even though Elivette is decidedly not fond of the car. We hung out at my brother and SIL’s until bedtime. My sister and one of her children were able to fly in from Colorado so we were blessed to see four family members we don’t usually get to spend time with. We talked and caught up a bit. Of course the children and Uncle Corydon had to go out into the yard for a game of chase and “take-down roughhouse wrassling”. We also tested ourselves on the state capitals and did miserably. Mrs. Hagedorn, my sixth grade teacher would be so disappointed in me. Corydon made a super yummy glazed ham and green beans and potatoes and Katie made divine pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I’m not ashamed to say I took a couple home with me and ate them alone in my room.

We stayed the night in a hotel which is always a big thrill and as an added bonus, I was thankful the boys didn’t even get up at the crack of dawn. We had a nice (albeit carb filled) breakfast and headed back over to  Corydon and Katie’s. After much discussion and interwebbing, we had decided on the Adler Planetarium.  Elivette shrieked miserably the entire drive there, but I am thankful Leah and I had a wonderful discussion. It was a long and chilly walk there from where we parked by Soldier Field.  It was swell once we got there!

 Cadrian and Corydon simulate a rocket launch. Cadrian is totally all  about rockets right now, so he may have had the grandest time of all, even though everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Even Katie, who got stuck holding the coats–she said she preferred that over “Denton-wrangling”.
 Denton would have been content to repair rockets the whole time. At one point he had all the tools and was walking around with them clutched to his chest. “Mine” 
Trying to build enough PSI to launch an air rocket. I’m proud to say my launch went the highest. After his rocket did not go as high as mine did, Kevin said there must have been a seal leak …Hmmm.
 Elivette was unimpressed with the view.
(out the window, not my dad. :-))
 Leah and me and the Chicago skyline
The walk back to the cars was about three times as long and twenty times as cold and windy. We made it though with no complaining…(well, little complaining). We had to veg out to some Curious George after we got back. (The extra blonde on the end is my nephew, Titus)

We ended the evening with some Old Town Chicago-style deep dish pizza.
I’m thankful for these girls right here.

The drive home was indubitably more torturous and everyone was cranky tired today, but it overall wasn’t really that bad and I am so thankful we were able to do it!

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