Gratefulness 12

I’m grateful for the Great Provider, who gives life and breath to everything, satisfies my every need.

I’m grateful for the husband who pours his heart out to me, shares with me his secrets and works so hard for our family.

I’m grateful for the babe sleeping on my chest who searches out my eyes so he can reward me with smiles that tell me I’m the most important thing in his universe.

I’m grateful for the toddler with the runny nose who insists on going barefoot even though it’s 40 degrees and who attracts dirt like the ice cream man attracts children.

I’m grateful for the preschooler with the compassionate heart who challenges me on every level to live out my faith that God in His wisdom knows why He gave me this precious precocious child.

I’m grateful for the first grader with the beautiful grin who brings such joy to my heart it brings tears to my eyes.

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