Gratefulness 11

I am thankful for change.

This morning getting everyone ready for church, by myself, plus we were leaving from church to spend the night in Chicago, so also getting every one’s busy bags packed and last minute paraphernalia plus trying to pick up so we don’t arrive home to toy bins overturned and congealed porridge on the counter led to … my freaking out on everyone. Like Chuck Norris.

Kevin finally got home and I went all ninja on him too. He was able to calmly tell me that I was out of control. Something I know, but still. can’t. stop. every time. I was able to hear him. I was able to stop.

I am so very thankful for change.

2 thoughts on “Gratefulness 11

  1. I know how you feel. I finally say "Everyone go play OVER THERE!" or "OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!!!!!!!" and then put things like a tote and garbage can in the way so they don't come back in asking for a glass of water when the sippy cup is full.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only Chuck Norris crazy-woman. And I'm glad I'm getting bettER. I'm still working on not flipping out more when husband suggests I may POSSIBLY be a little psychotic. 😛

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