good times

We just got back from our first trip to anywhere in six months (besides my parents’)

It was highly enjoyable (and I’m not just saying that because I know you’re reading this, Sam!). Despite all the tantrums (Aviana), bedwetting (Aviana), waking at 4 a.m. (because of Aviana), headstrong refusal to pick up her toys (Aviana), whining (again, Aviana), we had a merry couple of days in Illinois at my cousin’s house. It’s challenging traveling with babies–they sense any change in routine, and were both a bit sleep deprived and crankier than normal.Tony and Sam have a sweet, sweet ten month old baby, are pretty laid back, and said they didn’t mind all the fuss and mess. I’ll choose to believe them.

After we FINALLY got the tot to bed we played games, one of my most favorite things in the world. The first night it was the Newlywed Game, and I’m proud to say that we won. I was beginning to have doubts as our skills as a couple since we’ve been soundly beaten the last several times we’ve played, completely ruining our winning record. Then we played Apples to Apples the next night for the first time, and it was fun too, only slightly marred by the rocking of the baby and constant interruption by the toddler. I was so close to winning, but Sam somehow snuck up from behind, and beat me. Then we played my most pathetic showing of Pictionary in my life! Kevin and I were stuck on start for well over half the game! Inconcievable! We managed to pull ahead at one point, only to fall to the Pictionary champions.

I really loved spending time with Sam during the day, while Kevin was off at a conference, and Tony was at work. It isn’t too often I’ve encountered that kind of easy going give and take and almost instant comradarie. Not to mention, it was terrific to share a little of the child care duties–like when she snuggled Brielle while I was in the shower, or when I went to “rescue” Matthew from his nap 40 minutes too early…*blushes* ooops.

I’ve always said I would really like communal living for that reason. Just sharing the daily work and wear, milestones and moments, an ebb and flow of conversation throughout the day, makes all the hard stuff, and boring stuff of mothering so much easier!

Beware of elastic waist pants with these two around!
Someone’s been smooched! I adore this pic of Sam and Matthew!

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