Goin’s on and Happenings…

Today’s the big birthday party. We’re going swimming this afternoon and then grilling out in the park. Pretty low key; about 25 people. I got Aviana’s dream of a three tier cake decorated last night and took a picture of it in case Kevin tripped going down the stairs. We just have some last minute food and drink prep to take care of today.

I saw my chiropractor Friday. He has a ton of experience in obstetrics and said he can tell when labor is imminent because my back will feel like ripe melon. Labor isn’t imminent. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help thinking I might be in early labor yesterday.

I felt queasy all day and normally, I have (BH) contractions pretty much only in the evening when I sit down to relax, and when I’m in bed waiting for sleep. Yesterday, however, I was having them at least every half hour and they were a lot more intense. My mom was oh so encouraging when she related how with my sister, she had contractions every five minutes all afternoon and evening for five days before her birth.

Obviously, since I am not in labor and have no baby, I was not in early labor yesterday.

Although, now that the wheat harvest is over and Kevin has the field planted to soybeans and the birthday party festivities will soon be past, Kevin has given me permission to birth.

Thank you, dear.

18 thoughts on “Goin’s on and Happenings…

  1. Oooh, I want to see pictures of the cake. I made a castle cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. That was five years ago. It was a bit lopsided though, but everyone loved it.

    I hope you don’t end up having contractions for 5 days. That would be awful. Hey, at least you sound all prepared to have him.

  2. *chuckling* “pretty low key: about 25 people” um, yeah, I would call that low key–NOT!

    You are amazing Jessica! You are so busy and active and throwing fabulous parties when you are about to give birth. And how very nice that Kevin has given you permission to do so now that he is ready! *wink*
    Travis was THE SAME WAY. sheesh.

  3. oh man… I am sorry that the Chiro wasnt more reassuring! When I was 37 weeks I went to a prenatal massage and the lady said I had the “relaxin” (sp?) flowing.. and it still took over a week for something to “start” so… who knows! Have an awesome time at the party! I am in the process of planning one here. BUT I am NOT 39 weeks pregnant! I give you much credit! The day my husband told me “Today is a great day to have the baby!” I had the baby that night! GOOD LUCK! =o)

  4. I've been thinkin' of ya all weekend! I had to get on here to see if something was going on! Maybe the Holy Spirit reminding me to pray for you?! Well, I have & will! Can't wait. Like I am sure you can right?!! Blessings.

  5. Hope you party goes well. It’s a good hot one for a pool party. You are a brave woman doing a party right before the baby. Can’t wait to hear all about him! After he’s here we need to set up a time to meet!!!

  6. So, you’re teasing us?? I thought we’d see a photo of the cake! Happy birthday to Aviana! I am so anxious to hear about Baby C…I know you are too, to meet him.

  7. Oh boy!!! Baby any day now, I am so excited for you.
    How close to the due date were you with the girls?
    I went 7 and 10 days over with both of mine. I am hoping just to be a little closer this time.
    I can’t wait to see the little guy and hear your birth story!!

  8. ROFL, I remember the last few weeks; everything that happened made me think I was in labor. I usually wasn’t, but hey, a girl can hope, right?!?

    Can’t wait to see the cake; and I missed reading you this week while we were gone!


  9. *GASP* He’s given you PERMISSION?! Ha ha ha! That man… sounds like something Daniel would say!

    Hmm, I can’t say I trust Chiropractors to know OB care and even if you trust him, it’s probably just an old wive’s tale! Just try to bring on labor the old fashioned way! You KNOW what way I mean!!!

    And… at your next appt. ask the doc to strip your membranes. Worked like a charm with me in my 39th week. Had each girl within 24 hours of them doing that.

  10. “Permission to birth” I like that! lol.

    Sounds like your mom had the same situation as me, glad to finally hear someone else had it too! I had contractions for 5-6 hours every night for five days too! Finally I went to the hospital the fifth day, only to be told my baby was in distress and had a semi-emergency c-section (no fluid left, I was 2 weeks overdue). Everything was fine though, and he was as healthy as can be.

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