Go-Gurt, Meet Brielle.

Whoever said this was the perfect on the go snack for kids was smokin’ crack. Or else they never met a kid like Brielle. And watermelon yogurt? Green? Have they not seen an actual watermelon? Only the outside is green. C’mon people!

5 thoughts on “Go-Gurt, Meet Brielle.

  1. Is there a perfect on the go snack for a two year old? Seems to me, and this is experience talking, that two year olds can make a mess out of anything. And everything.

    I just have to say I agree with the whole color of the watermelon thing. I would have a REALLY hard time getting green yogurt down…


  2. LOL. We thought these were too messy too, but then we FORZE them- it was easier to eat and a LOT less messy. Plus the kids think it’s a treat. 🙂 The colors- yeah, unatural. 🙂

  3. Your little one sure is cute, you must be a nicer mommy then me. I won’t let my kids eat in the car until they are older then it is something that can’t drip. I hope the water doesn’t get any worse in your area.

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