The girls were both asleep when I got home last night, Hooray!! K said he should get a medal, because Miss B cried so much & wouldn’t eat anything to speak of. He does deserve a medal for giving me such a restful evening.

Usually, Aviana crawls into bed with us sometime in the night, which we don’t mind. Last night was the exception however! She must have been so worn out from all the party going, and must have been sleeping so soundly, she wet the bed! She NEVER does that! So we had to change all of our clothes, take off the mattress pad & sheets, treat the very soggy mattress, put a fan on it, & try to get back to sleep on the couch. Not to mention Kevin didn’t immediately realize the gravity of the situation, as he gets to sleep practically alone on his side of the bed, while I am the peanut butter mama between my two bread daughters, and the more I’m barking orders like a drill sergeant, the more put out he’s getting, and we’re both bleary eyed and drunk with sleep, until finally he tells me I can go sleep on a dirt floor! Ha-rumph! That brought me down a few levels to apologetic semi calm. And the sleeping on the couch? Umm…so did not work. I’m one tired mama.

Although, My FIL did take us all out for brunch at Thunder Bay Grill, my absolute favorite restaurant, so the day shaped up nicely. A is napping now & B is almost asleep. I’m going to try to nap myself. Hopefully our bed will be dry & non smelly by tonight.

**edited to add**Kevin did not and will not make me sleep on a dirt floor, and if he did make me, he would keep the babies with him.** smile!

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