Girls and Giggles Galore (and a bit o’ disagreement)

Aviana, 3 and her cousin Cora, 4, argue over which song to play on the Fridge Farm. You know she’s feeling better when she gets a little feisty (not that I’m condoning this, you understand.

Aviana is mostly ‘running’ back and forth saying “Run to the right. Run to the left” as she does so. Cora and Brielle do manage to get quite the groove on.

Aviana, Brielle are joined by cousin Cora in a game of ring around the rosy. Aviana is being soooo careful because it is exactly seven days after her appendectomy. She’s doing well, isn’t she?

I don’t know what you call these moves, but they sure are having fun! Ella is ready to play now.

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