Getting out the door

is a whole new challenge! Brielle had a doctor’s appt today, so I took Aviana over to a friend’s for a play date. She immensely enjoyed the company and playing play-doh and with Mrs. Potato Head. The plan was to get her there by 9 or 9:30—I managed to drop her off around 10.

Then I was going to pick up some Happy Birthday cupcakes at the bakery & take them to my cousin’s dorm. There was construction and other nuisances around the store, and they didn’t have any Happy Birthday cupcakes, though the baker was kind enough to stick some Happy Birthday picks in plain chocolate cupcakes with white frosting- which wasn’t really what I wanted, but Amelia said they were delicious, which is what matters. I got the total runaround parking & getting into her dorm too–I had to park three blocks away, because the visitor’s parking was full. OF OUT OF COUNTY Cars. Hmmm… could the students be ganking the visitor’s spots? Oh, and did I mention it was raining this whole time? Because it was. So I got to the nearest door, only to then notice it was an out only door. But lo, a nice student returning from class unlocked it for me. I got up to Amelia’s floor & that door was locked. I asked another kid (how old am I, calling college students kids?) if he could unlock it for me, but alas, he could only unlock 4th & 5th floors. But wait, he had a friend who lives on that floor, he called her, only to find out her phone was shut off. It’s good to know the students are all safe in their dorms, and no young mom toting a baby or ax murderers can get in. So Brielle, the cupcakes, a birthday card, an extra diaper and wipes, and I, trekked back down and around the building to the front door. Then as it turned out, Amelia wasn’t even there, although she didn’t have class for another 1/2 hour, which I knew for a fact as I had slyly asked her the day before her schedule. Everything is quite the adventure for me.

Next we went to the store to purchase king sized sheets and a mattress pad for our new bed. Brielle promptly decided she needed to nurse, and luckily she is still small enough I can carry her around whilst doing so. It does make finding the highest quality sheets for the lowest price that much more of a challenge however.

At the doctor’s she nursed no less than three more times, so it’s no wonder to me to find out she weighs 9 pounds now and is 21 inches long. That’s up 2 pounds and an inch and a half from birth. At this rate she’ll be 59 pounds and 4 feet 8 inches by her first birthday . Ya think she’ll slow down some?

I then went to pick up Aviana and we met up with Kevin at Grinders for some yummy pasta, meatball sandwiches and cinammon bread. A went with him to Sam’s and I took Brielle to Joyce’s (MIL) store so she could show her off to her co-workers.

Then it was naptime. I was pretty much good for nothing the rest of the day.

Note to all moms: if you ever are feeling like your kids are bratty and out of control, just tune into Supernanny, and you’ll feel much better!

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