Gardening, and what it is to me

My veggies wilt and sigh

and my flowers always die

But with trowel in hand

I take a stand

and every year I try

Looking at “Birds and Blooms”

Leads to flowers that are doomed

Because unfortunately I forget

Water is an important little bit

Thus dry are my plants’ tombs

Backyard Living” I religously read

I carefully choose every seed

From poppies to daisies,

I make myself crazy,

Because then I forget to weed

So even though I’m bummed

and I feel pretty dumb

I’ll have to lay my hoe up on the shelf

and reluctantly resign myself

To the fact I don’t have a green thumb

One thought on “Gardening, and what it is to me

  1. Me either! But every year I try! Though I’ve given up on huge gardens. They are so much work to not get anything back. My dh tells me the soil must just not be any good where we tilled the garden (tomatoes grew well, but nothing else! and I planted a lot of things!). So until I get smart about building up soil, I plant flowers that our goats won’t eat. I have had great luck with Impatiens! They’re so pretty too. Plus, it helps, now that my girls are older, they love watering the flowers. :O) And they can do it without supervision!

    Loved your poem! It was perfect, you should get it published, had me smiling the whole read…and that brick walkway is purty!

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