Funny story

Aviana, coming into the bathroom, where I’ve just applied a warming analgesic pain relief balm (which smells similar to, but not as bad as Bengay): Mmmm…can I have some of that?
Me: Some of what?
Her: Some of whatever you’re eating.
Me: I’m not eating anything.
Her: Then what’s that good smell?

Aviana, watching me get dressed: Mama?
Me: Yes darlin’
Her: When I grow up, I want to be as fat as you.
Me: Just laughs and shrugs.
Her: Not as fat as you are right now, as fat as you were the day after Cadrian was born.

(and for the record, she does not think I’m fat and I don’t think I’m fat, it’s just a funny story; she has a funny way of phrasing things)

Brielle likes to pretend she’s “the Mama” and I’m the “teeny-tiny baby”. This means if she pushes my belly button, I have to cry, and when she hugs me, I have to stop. It’s especially endearing when she gives me my “bottle” of Diet Mountain Dew.

It’s been a big week for Cadrian. Not only did he start crawling (backward, and he keeps getting his legs stuck under the couch by the way), he learned how to raspberry. He loves it. He does it all the time. All the time.

Tonight when he was having a snack, he decided to take a break from nursing and started giving me the raspberry. Now on The Cosby Show, they called giving a raspberry to skin a zerbert, so would this be a zerboob?

4 thoughts on “Funny story

  1. We call them zerberts!!!!!!!!! I like zerboob! LOL! That sounds perfect! You should coin the term…

    Cute stories! Read Aviana’s “I want to be fat like you” story to Daniel and he laughed so hard!

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