Funny farm

My friend, to Brielle: I like your dress
Brielle: Thanks, but you’ll like my other one better.

I am walking down the stairs. Cadrian, looks up delighted: Mama! You’re so cwever!
 Me: I am?
Him: Yes! I was just wooking for you, and den here you are!

Aviana’s New Year’s Resolutions include:
“Learn to throw voise”
“imitate bird calls”
“not make bargains with Brielle”
Dada “thoughtfully” brought home “treats” of store bought Rice Krispies Treats. “Homemade” Rice Krispies treats would be disgusting enough (although I’ve been known to indulge in a scotcharoo now and again) so I  read aloud the list of unpronounceable NOT FOOD ingredients in  hopes they would make a Wise Food Decision, and reinforce to Kevin why it is we don’t buy that junk, while at the same time not wanting to completely undermine their father. The second I finished the litany of chemicals, Aviana said, “I’ll take the one with rainbow sprinkles!”

After bedtime:
Cadrian, from his bedroom: Mumble mumble mumble
Me, in rocker nursing baby, hopefully to sleep: What? I can’t hear you.
Me: What? Just come out here and tell me if it’s that important.
Cadrian: I have stinky feet.

After bedtime:
Aviana, coming down the stairs: Brielle is sleeping in the robot costume.
Me: I don’t care. Go to sleep.
Aviana, completely aghast: Mama! She’s sleeping in a card. board. box!


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