Funny family

Last night Aviana asked me to tell her a story from my childhood. So I started telling her about one of my childhood houses and some of the games we would play there and some of the activities I remembered doing there.

After a few minutes, she said, “If that’s the story Mama, it’s more like an essay!”

Too true, too true. Called out on my plotless story by my seven year old!

The children asked for ice cream after dinner. I told them they could have pickle ice cream.
They thought for a few seconds, and readily agreed!
I guess pickle ice cream is better than no ice cream.
Cadrian hid his stuffed animals behind something and told me:
No budee see ’em dere! No buddee can eagle eye ’em!
Brielle calls our sweet friend’s sweet baby “Jewelry-a”.
Her name is Julia, but I’m kind of fond of Jewelry-a and call her that in my head…
“Aviana,” I said, “A dirty old sock is not a very good bookmark.”
“Mama,” she replied, “a dirty old sock is better than NO bookmark.”

5 thoughts on “Funny family

  1. so cute! I love the funny things are kids say. Ya know there is a carnival on Tuesdays where you can link up posts just like this. I try to do it every now and then… if your interested you can check her out at

    I love how your family has grown so much since I started following you! Been a few years now. 🙂 What precious lil ones you have!

  2. It reminds me of Oceana nicknaming her little buddy (Gabriella) "Gabby-rella" ('Rella was what she called Cinderella for a very long time). Her parents adopted it and her nickname became "Gabby-rella" to many 😉

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