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Aviana age 4 1/2: Mama! Bwee-elle is being a nuisance!
We were looking at a book illustration whereupon the children were building a sandcastle.
I said,” and look, here they put a bridge over the moat.”
Aviana said, “Yes, and here they built a precipice!”
Kevin, after I come in from hanging out clothes. “You really need to check with me before you just go rushing out with the laundry.”

He said it because a rain storm was coming, and he wanted to check the radar but it certainly did sound funny! He sure cares about my laundry.
Aviana is quite proud of the fact she can say a tongue twister.

Of course it’s not that hard for her, because she can’t pronounce “sh” yet: ‘See sells seesells by the seesore.’
Brielle, singing the goodnight song from Sound of Music: So long, Farewell, Achoo, Achoo, Achoo

Aviana wants to watch one of the videos we just got from the library. “I want to watch the stone one.”
“The stone one?” I wonder.
“The Stone one!” she repeats earnestly.
“Ohhh,” I realize, “You want to watch Schoolhouse Rock!”
Cadrian comes crawling pathetically toward me, like a cariacature of a dying man in the desert, screaming at the top of his voice. He reaches my leg, and latches on as to a life preserver. And is completely quiet and content.
Aviana: Put Tadrian down on the floor so he can feast on twums.
Aviana was pretending to read Little House on the Prairie. She said, ” The Ingalls family crossed the Mississippi and then said they crossed the Delaware.” Then she said, “That was just a joke! Washington crossed the Delaware!”
“My swim suit is modest because it’s a full piece,” says Aviana. “It’s not modest if you wear a zucchini.”
Brielle 2 1/2: I was tissing dat boy today betuz I wanted to turn him into a frod!
Me: Here try this, you’ll like it.
Brielle: No.
Me: It’s chicken. You like chicken.
Her: No I don’t.
Me: You don’t like chicken?! Since when?
Her: Since Tuesday.

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  1. These are my FAVORITE things to read on your blog! Your children are not only intelligent but they just make me laugh until I hurt!!!

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