Friday Fun

We had sort of a rocky start to the day, a midday rather large, loud obstacle, and a couple of evening meltdowns/ whine fests, but overall, it was a great day.

We visited the zoo and saw “all tinds of amimals.” The highlight probably would be the fruit roll-up my friend had brought for her: “What do you do wif it? Do you eat it?” but once she tasted all the lovely high fructose corn syrup, she was sold. The train ride was also a special treat, especially the tunnel.

This was followed by an unduly stressful car ride.

We stopped by Grandma’s store to check out a blouse for the family picture we’re having taken next Wednesday. Aviana and Brielle amassed as much attention from all the co-workers as they could possibly stand, and then some with all their cuteness.

I didn’t buy the shirt however and am still undecided about what to wear. The grownups (K & Me, Aunt Connie, Grandma and Grandpa) will be wearing white and the girls will be in claret jumpers with light pink shirts. I love pictures, and always want everything to be perfect. This could be a bad combo.

Baby girl fell asleep finally, so the rest of the way home was much better. After watching the crew fill silos, drive tractors and what not, and a story, Aviana rested, while I let Brielle nursenap. They were both up and at ’em much too soon.

I put a compilation of children’s CDs in thinking that would occupy them so I could lie down for a while. After being outside most of the day, I was starting to feel crummy. I hate having allergies. I love the outdoors, but can’t truly enjoy it.

After my rest was over (if you count rest as my reading, conversing, correcting, kissing, playing and otherwise interacting while mostly prone) I made dinner. Brielle is at a very annoying stage right now, and it is increasingly difficult for me to figure out what to do with her. She whines about everything. When I tell her no, she quite often will just scream for a while. I try to let her interact in whatever I’m doing as much as possible, but of course she can’t help with cutting or hot things. Today she was trying to climb the stove. Literally. She want so badly to be able to be like me, but her inquisitiveness, and still pure baby-ness interfere. She wants up, but then will crawl all over the counter or make a huge mess. It’s frustrating. I yelled a bit today because she dragged about 12 toys into the kitchen (we have a no toy rule in the kitchen and in my room, which is impossible to enforce with a busy busy twelve month old) so every time I turned around, I was tripping over her, or a toy, all while listening to her irritating whiny pick-me-up-pay-attention-to-me-right-this-second-but-don’t-expect-me-to-be-satisfied-with only-watching cry.

Aviana, bless her heart, tried to keep Brielle playing in the living room, but the little magnet keep gravitating to me.

Once dinner was made, and we were once again reading contentedly on the couch, my dad came inside for a break from the farm work. He read to the girls while I cleaned up the kitchen which made me feel a lot better. Dad took the girls outside for a while. There was a breakdown in machinery so I thought Aviana would get to see her Dada one last time before bed, but we couldn’t find him.

Luckily, he came in during dinner to kiss her goodnight, but she oddly refused his affection at that point. After a fairly uneventful bedtime routine, considering the busy day and lack of nap, she melted down completely because I tried to give her a sip of water from the ‘wrong’ cup.

That’s pretty much my day. It was fun. I love this job. All the annoying moments, self imposed guilt, repetitive motion, mundane work, crying, whining, correcting action, inane conversation really make this job my calling. If I am still sane by the end of the day(and by most accounts, I am), I am right where God wants me to be. I know He loves me a lot by giving me a chance to mold the future with the Play-doh of today.

(which, metaphorically means, I love shaping my girls’ world; I’m just too tired to think of a truly good analogy :-))

I love the boring chaos that is my life.

One thought on “Friday Fun

  1. A no-toy in the kitchen rule? That’s profound! Nothing “trips me up” more than having toys underfoot in the kitchen.

    Gonna have to implement that one! Thankfully they never take their toys in our bedroom…

    Btw, I tagged you for a “What’s Your Story?” Meme…

    Happy Labor Day!

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