Friday Five or Fewer

How spoiled am I?? I cannot live without: (besides God, my sweet man, and my girls)

1– Aquaphor–perfect for dry lips, hands, cuticles
2– wraps
3– storage totes and baskets–right now I’m going through the totes everyday it seems like because both girls are changing sizes and we’re changing seasons to boot and most days my idea of cleaning up is tossing everything in a tote or a basket 🙂
4– my appliances–dishwasher, laundry machines, coffee maker, stove, computer w/ Internet
5– books books and more books–right now I’m reading House by Frank Peretti, the Underground Guide to Compulsory Schooling in the U.S. or something like that by John Taylor Gatto, and The Plug-in Drug (about TV and it’s uselessness)

I don’t have time to get links cuz Aviana is bringing my my underwear and clothes and urging urging urging me to get dressed so we can go outside and see the new calf.

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