Friday Five or Fewer

1–In her not quite awake state early this morning, Aviana wet the bed for the first time in a long time, and when I went to take the sheets to washing machine, they were so wet I dripped peepee almost all across the kitchen before I realized it. She followed up with a tantrum when I wiped her clean with a warm wet washcloth, and wouldn’t settle down or apologize for well over an hour.

Bad start.

2–Kevin offered to keep the girls for a few hours this morning, so I could finally get unpacked, get the clothes washed and dried and some folded, clean up the kitchen and other sundry chores. Later, while Brielle napped, Aviana and I planted from seed and then watered (each with our own watering can) some sunflowers, Mexican sunflowers, and poppies. I’m skeptically optimistic.


3–After lunch, I took Brielle over to Grandma’s, and Aviana and I met a friend for some garage saling. I found a couple of fun deals, but we did pass on the used bras and bustiers, a pair of shorts with “Bite Me” across the bum, decorative cups filled with Q-tips, half full bottles of fingernail polish, and Lord of the Dance on VHS. We laughed and laughed.

The kids weren’t enjoying our outing nearly as much as we were. At one point her four year old bumped his leg. Through his tears, he managed to croak out a pitiful, “I don’t think I can make it to any more sales.”

Better yet!

4–Ruth invited Aviana to stay with her while I ran a few errands, free as a bird (except for my left breast painfully insisting it was time to feed Brielle, who was twelve miles away). Then when we went to pick up Brielle, Grandma invited Aviana, who had been a perfect angel all day, to stay the night. I got the groceries and other purchases hauled in and mostly put away, dinner made, some flowers planted, and some dirt eaten (oh, wait, that last one was Brielle) and everyone involved was still all smiles.

And we found out my grandma is giving each of her grandchildren a savings bond that is maturing this year.

Even more so!

5–At day’s end, I found myself laughing and laughing, loving everyone around me, singing to myself, skipping a little bit. Maybe it was the cup of coffee with my new limited edition blueberry cobbler creamer. Maybe it was time spent with a dear friend. Maybe it was my dear sweet husband taking care of me the best way he can. Maybe it was God, saying, “Here sweet girl, rest, laugh, love. I’m here, I’ve got you. Don’t buy someone else’s Q-tips.”

It got better.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five or Fewer

  1. Congratulations on your goal to grow sunflowers! Make sure to get some good seeds for different varieties. That’s half the fun. They are easy to grow and enjoy. A few friends and I are working a great site devoted to sunflowers. It will have everything imaginable about sunflowers with all kinds of great information, links to the best products and a discussion area. The forum is already open! Check us out at

  2. dad says:

    I brought two home that Tyler and I transplanted and one grape fruit tree. I wonder where to plant as we move??

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