Friday Five or Fewer

WELCOME Garage Sale Season!
What 50 cents can get you:

5–adorable nearly new outfits

4–story books which hold the toddler’s attention so well we’ve already read this whole book numerous times. I was starting to worry a bit about damaging her “sensitive psyche” somehow with all the wicked wolves, sly foxes, horrible ogres, and various characters being eaten up, but after doing some research I realized why these fairy tales are good for children.

An aside regarding Richard Scarry–Love HIM! I love his sometimes irreverent sense of humor, obviously aimed at the adult reading the book, love his illustrations, love his characters, and the lessons he tries to convey to the reader. I came across this funny look at the advent of political correctness in all its glorious absurdity. Be sure to have a gander at all fourteen pages (and the comments–some laugh out loud hilarious) highlighted there.

3–summer shoes. I love little girl shoes! Can you ever have too many pairs of shoes? I think not.

2–a baggie of the yummiest cookies I’ve eaten in quite some time; made by jovial women also selling “slap your mama sweet potato pie”. I was sorely tempted because I loved the name so much, but the pies were $6 and obviously $6 can go quite far at the right sale; not to mention I’ve never tasted sweet potato pie, so wasn’t even sure it’d be worth $6 even if it did have the funny name.

1–The Candyland I remember from my childhood instead of the insipidly updated version they sell these days.

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