Friday Five or Fewer

How ambitious was I today?

1–I made from scratch brownies that were in the oven by eight o’clock (and since I’m not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, this is quite bragworthy)

2–I picked up three laundry baskets full of clutter that was in the wrong room. I have a system whereby I sweep through a room, grabbing anything that doesn’t belong there and throw it into a laundry basket. Then I go to the next room, putting away what’s in the basket that belongs there, and accumulating what doesn’t. Works for me! In my defense, there’s not usually that much clutter lying around, but since I was ill this week, nothing had really been picked up since the weekend.

3–We moved Aviana’s bed into our room. We have been having a nightly tussle with her popping out of bed numerous times and trying to dominate our evenings. We thought this way would make her feel more secure and less inclined to fight bedtime.

4–I saved boocoo (as my grandpa always said, although it’s supposed to be beaucoup –French for “a whole lot”) bucks by getting my glasses repaired instead of buying new ones.

5–I had yummy homemade pizza (that I didn’t make–hey, I’m not that ambitious) with two dear friends today and accomplished a lot of connecting, chatting, kvetching and comisserating.

5 1/2— I read this last night, but I’m including it anyway–if you have a strongwilled child, read this book: You Can’t Make Me (But I Can Be Persuaded). It helped me understand Aviana SOOOOOOOO much better, and surprisingly, myself. It was also sooooo encouraging, because I am already doing many of the strategies recommended in the book, and reinforced that I really am doing okay. And helped me to feel like I’m a “good mom”.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five or Fewer

  1. Hey–brownies from scratch by 8 am? That is brag-worthy! There’s almost nothing like having bread rising or food on the make at that time of day~! Off to a good start!

    I feel good because I got my back porch cleaned (aka mud room!)AND the hallway carpet/staples/stretchers pulled up before noon on Saturday! Woo-hoo! We’re talking a project I’ve been putting off for months. Thankfully it’s the last of the carpet in this house, and that we had beautiful wood floors just waiting to be revealed. So now I need to be shopping for a hallway runner of some type…

    Glad to know the real spelling/word origin of boocoo…I use that word too and haven’t ever wondered about it! Yep, clueless. Oh well!

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