Friday Five or Fewer

**I looked over at Aviana having her snack and she was licking the counter!
Incredulously, “Did you just lick the counter?”


“Why did you lick the counter?”

“I dist wike wicking fings.”

**After seeing a friend’s dad go off to his office job, Aviana asked me, “Why did Mr. Soncarty have a strap on his shirt?”

“A strap on his shirt?? Oh, honey, that’s a tie!”

4 thoughts on “Friday Five or Fewer

  1. This would be a great addition to your “Hillbilly Mama post”! I’m guessing your hubby resists tie-wearing as much as mine! Hence your dd not recognizing what it was! When dh does consent to wear one, it’s always one of those silk “western” ones. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him wear one in years…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I told Aviana’s funny “wicking” story tonight at supper while DH held our grandson (17 months) on his lap at the breakfast bar. After I finished the story DG leaned over and LICKED THE COUNTER! I need to start spelling, I guess.
    Lori A.

  3. Yeah, Mary, you’re right. We just never go anywhere that requires tie wear. The last time K wore a tie was last summer to a wedding, and A was not with us.

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