Friday Five or Fewer

When I get a minute, I am almost always torn between doing something constructive (clear a walkway through the toy covered floor, find a place to eat at the counter) or something I want to do (read, blog, read blogs, re-copy my 15 different book lists into one, pluck my eyebrows). Reading (skimming, whatever) Taking Care of the Me in Mommy is helping me understand that taking care of my own desires and not putting my children first, really is beneficial for us both, and makes me a better mama in the end.

So today’s Friday Five or Fewer: What I did for myself today:

1–I curled my hair-while holding Brielle most of the time, which is quite the feat, put on some make-up, changed my jewelry (I usually wear the same rings and earrings all the time, put on my watch almost every day, and occasionally add a bracelet)– and I looked really cute– and branched out to meetup with some moms in a different SAHMs group. It really pushed me out of my complacent comfort zone, ‘cuz it’s been a while since I’ve had to chat up total strangers.

2–On the way back from town, I pulled over to watch the rain on the lake and snuggled my girl on my lap as we thoroughly discussed the downpour, lightening and thunder, and the possibility of walking around in it.

3–I made Aviana have Quiet Time Play Time for an hour and I lied down with Brielle to rest, and since she didn’t nurse the whole time, and Aviana really did leave me alone for about 15 minute stretches, I was able to relax a little.

4–I took my book into the bathroom with me while I bathed the girls in case I would have time to read it while they splashed happily. But between water up the nose and bonked heads, that didn’t really materialize.

Well, it’s a start anyway.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five or Fewer

  1. I just got through reading that book! It helped me so much! I had completely lost myself in taking care of my family and I was quickly burning out! It taught me not to feel guilty for needing “me time”.

  2. Good to know Mandalyn! I’m hoping I’ll get a similar benefit.

    When we got home, we put Miss A in her jacket, hat, and got her umbrella, and tried to put on her boots (all at her request) and she would only venture out about a foot beyond the door. Maybe next time. 🙂 And since my hair looked so good ;-), I didn’t want to go out and play either.

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