Fri, Oct 1, 200410:46 AMHappy October~

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure ~William FeatherTue, Oct 5, 20048:40 PMAn eventful day all the way around.

Aviana “played” with cousin Cora(which means Aviana lays there while Cora pokes her :)), Mama and Tia had a nice afternoon chatting together & Daddy sat on a ‘possum.

Oh what, you think that last notation warrents further explanation? Kevin got up in the skid steer when he sat on what he thought was a farm cat, so he swatted at it but lo and behold it was a full grown opossum who thought that looked like a comfy spot for a snooze. In other news, the man owns four vehicles and only one of them is fit to drive right now. Are we about to become a redneck family? 🙂Wed, Oct 6, 20048:54 PMOur Lord does not care so much for the importance of our works as for the love with which they are done. ~Teresa of Avila

That quote helps me out a lot as I feel like I do a lot of unimportant tasks around here. It also helps me to remember that whatever you do, do it as for the Lord, not for man.
Sun, Oct 10, 20042:00 AMWe went to watch UC play rugby today. Aviana slept comfortably in the arms of her grandparents. It was a gorgeous fall day and terrific to be with family. We ate at DQ & I had my first blizzard in along time. Yummy! Although they did not have any ‘nilla wafers, so I could not have my favorite which is strawberries, ‘nilla wafers & cone dip, it was still good. Since we got home though Aviana has been a cranky princess. She made me cry. We are doing better now, and I think that she will sleep the rest of the night, and more than likely a good portion of the morning as well!

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