Fri, Jun 2, 200612:49 PMAviana knows her first miracle. We read out of her story Bible before she goes to sleep at naptime and bedtime and today she was facinated by the story of how Moses hits a rock at God’s command and water pours out of the rock to quench the thirst of the Isrealites. She’s been talking about it all day. Her version of the story sounds like this: Moses! hit! vock! Wa-wa! Out!

She’s a bit confused on the God concept though, because when I ask who made the water come out of the rock? She pauses, thinks seriously about it for a moment, and says “You!” (meaning herself).
Mon, Jun 19, 20065:24 PMWhat a wonderful day! I am so thankful for days like this. It has been an exhausting couple of weeks, not for any real reason, just sleeping has been hard at night for me, Aviana has been up early, I’ve been teaching some rambunctious elementary students Spanish during her naps (ergo no nap for me!)and Kevin has been working long hours. But today, sweet bliss!

Aviana slept until 5:45! I got some quality time with God in and still had time to make sure everything was ready for class. I swept & mopped the floor without Aviana crying at my feet to be picked up every five seconds and it’s still clean eight hours later- which in and of itself is a minor miracle. I did all the laundry and hung it out. Baby A and I played on the swingset and let the chickies out of their pen. And that was all before noon! We did have one misunderstanding where Aviana was stuck in the bathroom just whining and crying for me to pick her up and I thought she was just being stubborn and bratty, but really she was scared she was going to slip and fall on the wet floors- even though they were actually dry, she just never sees them clean and shiny so she THOUGHT they were wet. Poor little darlin’! She really was stuck!

My students were wonderful in class and we had a grand time. Then our friends Anne and Benjamin came out to visit and we also had a wonderful time just chatting and relaxing and playing. Aviana and Benjamin were playing chase and Aviana’s giggles- I tell you the truth- would just puncture your heart with their sweetness!
Wed, Jun 21, 20066:55 PMBig outing today. We went to the library to see the “Snake Man” (has snakes & a presentation about snakes, not looks like). Doing about anything with a toddler and an eight month belly feels like a big outing. We got there an hour early because the stupid paper was WRONG- and I had cut out the notice, so I can prove it was them, not me! And in that time, Aviana had two accidents (GRRRR!-any advice? PLEASE?), we cleaned them up, washed our hands and blow dried her shorts, drank out of the drinking fountain,we walked across the street to pick up Dada’s glasses at the eye doctor’s, played ‘step on the shadows’, raced, put together five puzzles (she did them by herself and they didn’t even have pictures underneath the pieces), played cars, did a shape sorter, read part of a book about a snake, read all of a book about colors, looked at a birthday party idea book, talked with a chatty lady there w/ her neice, played with a toy house, looked for a Pooh book, and read part of a Maisy number book. I may have forgotten something, but like Kevin says, Aviana has the attention span of a fly. Touche.

The snake man was interesting, but way over A’s head, the room was crowded with most of the children sitting in the front far from their parents’ shushing fingers, so you can imagine what the atmosphere was like. I managed to get Aviana to sit still (except for when she was lying down) with only one trip out of the room for the 45 minute presentation and we got to pet a black milk snake and a ball python. He also had several other snakes there (and some poisonous ones dead in jars of formaldahyde,) including a SEVEN foot Burmese python. But we were getting crushed by the crowd and quickly departed. I don’t understand why there isn’t any organization at things like that. The teacher in me so badly wanted to make everyone sit still and be quiet and stand in a nice line so people could take their pictures and touch all the snakes. Someone has to step up and take charge. Actually Snakeman did pretty well, considering his day job is a factory worker. He has been giving presentations for 30 years, but it was still could have been improved.

Now I’m going to go watch CSI and eat ice cream.

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