Fri, Jul 7, 20068:36 PMIn societies like the US in which human activity must involve accomplishing something, motherhood is often a difficult stage of life. Before becoming mothers, women are productive in school, community, workforce, and home; recognition is given for tangible projects completed (particularly projects outside of the home). As mothers, women often feel unproductive – as though they have gone the whole day “doing nothing.” Mothers may feel restless or resentful as they sit nursing a baby frequently or for a long time, particularly during growth spurts: they are supposed to be “doing something.” The nurturing of children, including breastfeeding, is not seen as an accomplishment. There is little or no social recognition for cuddling a child, nursing on cue, or otherwise nurturing a young human being. Breastfeeding and mothering simply do not meet the criteria of (productive) human activity in American society.

This from the LLL website really hit home with me.

“Nurturing a young human being is a productive activity.” Repeat.

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