Fri, Jan 7, 20055:00 PMSweet Baby A is sleeping, and we are going to have loaded tortillas whenever k gets back with a tomato. I have had a highly productive day today. I stayed up until 2 cleaning and picking up, since I never really have a chance to do that during the day & then got up went to Curves- weighed in & it’s going pretty well, went to the library, in the meantime our carpets got cleaned. Then I vacuumed, nursed the baby back to sleep, made an apple pie (from REAL apples), scrubbed the kitchen floor, did some Reliv calls & organizing, balanced the checkup (oops I mean check BOOK) and now I’m updating you fine folks. Maybe tonight we’ll get some pictures hung. Kevin got the snowmobiles going, and took his ‘little brother’ ‘stead of me. The big stinker.
Sat, Jan 15, 200511:20 AMI’ve noticed that as Aviana is getting older and sleeping better at night that I’m not up late updating this website like I had been. That’s a good thing but also not so good. I like to put up pics of our Sweet Baby A & let you all know what is going on in our lives. But I also like my sleep, so I guess you, oh faithful reader, will have to remain somewhat uninformed. It’s not for a lack of love for you though!

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