French toast Friday

Note to self: Starting a new food challenge to coincide with the new year may SEEM like a good idea, but when everyone is extra needy and clingy, it may not (in retrospect) be the best plan.

I mentioned to my ever supportive and realistic to the point of pessimism husband that perhaps this wasn’t the best week to try to learn how to make ricotta and mayonnaise, and he just laughed at me. Imagine!
I started the “40 Day Challenge” with the Healthy Families for God blog. Sara has a great site, full of real food recipes, encouragement, ideas; along with articles showing how our modern culture of reliance on pharmacuedicals is detrimental to all aspects of our lives, most obviously our health.
Her 40 Day Challenge is a deep plunge into unprocessed eating. It’s also sugar free. Over the past several years I have done many baby steps implementing more philosophies of traditional eating, as outlined in Nourishing Traditions and by the Weston Price Foundation. For example, we switched to whole milk probably 8 years ago, and raw milk 2 years ago. Now I thought I was ready to start making my own condiments and cream of …soups. Mayhap I am.
Just not this week.
The biggest benefit of doing the challenge at least has in the forefront of my mind to not eat food with more than 5 ingredients. And there is always next week.
Right now I’m content to sit in my fleece jammas, with a snuffy baby in the wrap on my chest and a mucousy four year old on my lap and letting my dear husband make French toast with store bought whole wheat bread and farm fresh eggs and call it good.

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