Freezing lessons

We had our first swim lesson today. Let me just put it this way–not too impressed. This is a Mom & Tot class for wee ones. Aviana is the youngest in the class. First we played in the baby pool, and Aviana participated well and thoroughly enjoyed herself, except when the lifeguard tried to pick her up. Then we moved over to the big pool, which was supposedly heated, poor baby A had the chattering lips by this time, and the children were supposed to float on a noodle. Aviana would have none of it. She clung to my neck like a little koala. We lasted for about 10 minutes in the water, when she wanted out. Then the other children all went over to the diving boards! and the lifeguard waited in the 15 foot water for the children to jump off the end, and then she would take them over to the side whereupon their parents would pluck them out. WHAT?!!? On the first day?! With toddlers?! Does this not seem crazy to you??!!

We just watched, which Baby A enjoyed immensely, but still, that isn’t the point. I could take her to the pool every afternoon & give her a noodle, and play with her in the baby pool by ourselves, without paying for “lessons”. Plus it wouldn’t be freezing and result in blue lips and goosebumps.

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