Four is a new thing for us when it comes to boys. Never had a four year old boy before. Now that I’ve had a Four for five days, I think I’m going to love Four just as much as Three, but probably more. Four still holds my hand, but prefers to run ahead. Four is adorable and funny and spunky. Four is sensitive and precious and precocious and loud. Very often loud.

Four rubs off on other people. I find myself saying “gickens” in my head when I want to feed the chickens or “What’s dat noise doing?” when I wonder what it is I’m hearing. Four has many endearing traits which is lucky because Four also makes mischief of all sorts. Sometimes it’s something like taking apart all the flashlights because of his insatiable curiosity, but sometimes it’s something like spitting water all over the floor because that curiosity wants to know what I’ll do.

Four can be a handful all by himself. Four is thankfully outgrowing tantrums. I will say, “You’re not allowed to cry about that” and he will stop wailing to ask, “Why?” I’ll explain that he can be upset and frustrated but he can’t scream at me like that, and he will find something else to do. Usually.

Four enjoys his little brother (One) immensely. He also enjoys putting sand in his hair, laying on him, dragging him around by his ankles and teasing One endlessly. He seemingly can’t hear it though when the giggles of delight change to cries of protest, which means Mama has to run lot of interference. One (see picture, below) does whatever Four is doing, which is usually hilarious, unless Four is doing a bĂȘtise, which is, unfortunately, often. (see Mischief, above)

Four likes to try to keep up with his sisters, but can’t always do it. Then Four is frustrated beyond belief. Four wants desperately to be a Big Kid, and sometimes can be. Four leads and follows equally well, and also very much likes “to do it all by my own ghelf”.

Four loves gains (trains), wockets, guns, gween, back hoes and construction ilk. That’s why getting a green rubber band rocket and a green bubble gun for his birthday were pretty much ideal presents. He already has gotten the rocket stuck in a tree and on the roof and lost one of the rubber bands. (Reference “all by own ghelf)

 Four is dirty and grubby and sweaty. Four smells like outside and sunshine. Four explores the world with his whole being, reminding me of dandelion seeds, dragonflies and bits of the inside of a melon.

Four is busy. Four does not like to be still except to listen to certain stories. Four still will cuddle and snuggle and ask Mama to “ghing a gong” but that’s usually just an excuse to stay up a bit later.

Four wanted a monkey cake for his birthday. A gocklet monkey cake.

Four loves everything about his Dada. Dada will ask Four if he wants to go with him and Four will say, “YES!” complete with fist pump and then ask, “Where we going?” Four loves to help Dada and dress like Dada. Four was thrilled when he got promoted to “boxas” and sometimes wants to only wear his “boxas” all day.

Four is beautiful, inside and out.  I am so very, incredibly thankful God chose me to be his mama, that He trusted me with the privilege of guiding him to adulthood. Four is new.  Four is mine.

And I could not be more pleased.

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