Four Months

Brielle at four months: She can roll over, both ways, but still needs a lot of practice because she often gets stuck 2/3 of the way over and pleads for help. Loudly. Her first tooth broke the surface today! She takes a nap in the morning, usually in the swing, and a long nap in the afternoon. She catnaps in the car, and if she isn’t sleeping, she is a horrible car rider, essentially screaming the entire time. She is sleeping about five hours in a row at night. We co-sleep, so I am feeling fairly rested even though she does eat frequently towards the early morning (read four’o clock hour). She goes to sleep for the night around 8:30, and we get up for the day around 6:30 or so (as long as I can prolong it–her sister is usually up by 6, so that’s not usually as long as I’d like). She can sit up for a minute or so when propped up by her hands; she’s incredibly strong. She laughs in delight and enjoys being in the middle of the action. She likes being in the wrap on my front, and we are trying to get used to the rucksack carry, which she doesn’t like as well, but I like a lot better. She will razz and tries to imitate what you’re doing, even shaking her head no. She is doing well with “elimination communication” which means far fewer diapers to change. She will try to pick up a small object, like a dried cranberry, but can’t quite do it, and gets quite frustrated when she can’t do what she wants. She coos and “talks” with unmatched enthusiasm, and is a social baby. She grabs onto what ever she sees, and it all goes straight into her mouth. She’s a delight!

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