I found out today that my beloved Mothering magazine has ceased publication. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t gotten an issue since December and finally went to the website today. They didn’t notify anyone.

I use beloved loosely–I COMPLETELY disagree with their views on “gentle discipline” and how they often idolize children but love their natural minded-ness with everything else.
I found out today that there is a reason most people don’t leave their clothespins on the line all winter. Most of them are totally ruined. Even though I’ve done it every winter since we put up the clothesline, I guess all the pins finally decided enough is enough. I need to make myself a clothespin bag or something.
I found an awesome vintage suitcase at an estate sale for $1.50! Perfect for my growing stash of fabric. On etsy they go for at least $20, more if they are fancy and decoupaged and such.
Heeey, maybe I should break out my Mod-Podge.
Because I don’t have enough to do.
I’ve been finding that it’s getting easier and easier to say no to sugar. My mother-in-law brought over some of her to die for peanut butter cookies today and I was (mostly) perfectly fine with some natural crunchy peanut butter and a banana. I’m not really missing it at all.
I found out that it’s fun to grow wheat grass and sprouts.
Today, I found the breezes to be warm, and even though the sky stayed grey, spring is coming. Soon I’ll be able to keep my flip-flops on the porch instead of my boots, and better yet even go barefoot. The grass has the slightest tinge of green. Spring is coming.
I found out that it was useless to put Denton in his adorable “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirt to take his picture for the scrapbook. He managed to poo all the way up to his shoulder. I should have had him in cloth. And he really should have a shirt that reads, “Kiss Me, I’m Mostly German” anyway.

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