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My Daybook ~ 15 December

Outside My Window … Bitterly cold but sunny–icy from the sleet last night

I am thinking … I need a clever “40 somethings” at the last minute to take to my friend’s surprise birthday party

I am thankful for … our ability to laugh when we our communication goes awry

From the learning rooms …Christmas, Advent

From the kitchen …I have no idea. I need to check my ‘zines and get a menu list made up

I am wearing …brown boots, brown suede pants (purchased pre-baby I might add), a jewel toned purple ribbed turtleneck and makeup!

I am creating …milk

I am going … to a surprise birthday party, a cookie party,

I am reading …Why Gender Matters

Since we just had a baby boy, and boys are practically a different species, I thought this would be a good read. I couldn’t put it down. “Not only is it well written with engaging anecdotes, but it presents the latest scientific findings in gender research (with lots of footnotes so you can read the studies yourself if you are so inclined) and relates it to the job of parenting. It helps that the author is a family doctor who has seen his share of dysfunctional situations that in hindsight might easily have been prevented with a little knowledge.

The book is more than just informative about gender differences in children – he relates this information to such parenting topics as disciplining your child, gender specific education strategies, dealing with problem children, kids and drugs (both the legal and non-legal kind), and teenage sex. “

Even if you don’t agree with everything the author says, ( and I didn’t), you’ll learn a lot by reading this book. I discovered new realizations about my relationships with my dad, my husband, my students, even my high school chemistry teacher! I was reading aloud to Kevin every couple of paragraphs–“Listen to this!…” and he did. That’s how you can be sure your book will be worth your time.

The quoted part is from an Amazon review, but he wrote exactly what I think.

I am hoping … To have a pajama day tomorrow. We all need it.

I am hearing… blessed silence; periodically punctured by Cadrian’s growls and toots
Around the house … wrap presents, finish making presents, check the lists and make sure I don’t need to get more presents.


One of my favorite things …the bella band-(this link is to Amazon, but I bought mine on eBay)-I bought them originally for the transition into maternity clothes and now I wear it to keep my midriff covered whilst nursing.Plus it helps me stay warmer. I wear one every day. I love them!


A few plans for the rest of the week … some friends over, Dada and Aviana have a date Thursday to see a live performance of Snow White

Here is a picture thought I am sharing~

“Mama,” I hear from the other room, “I need some mastara betuz mine eyewashes hurt.”

I guess she sho nuff did!

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  1. That picture is a hoot. I have a very similar one of my daughter. Although SHE opened a brand new box that my mom was selling (she sales Mary Kay).
    I would have loved to seen a picture of your outfit. It sounded really cute:)

  2. “I am creating … milk.”

    HAHAHAHA!! Love it!!

    By the way. I got your Christmas letter. After tearing myself away from your kids’ pics (because they’re freakin’ adorable!), I couldn’t stop laughing for about 5 minutes. Then anytime I walked by the letter, I would start laughing again.

    Best. Christmas. Letter. of. All. Time!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!



    It seems like it’s always the mascara the kiddos go for, isn’t it? My son has done that a couple of times (in spite of my careful instruction that “Makeup is for GIRLS!”) and goes for the Gene Simmons look with it everytime.

    He also told me once after observing me putting some on myself, “Awe you da montoe?” (meaning Monster, because I was making my mascara face, lol).

    And you’re so right…gender DOES matter. That book sounds great. Have you ever read the Shaunti Feldhan books “For Women Only” and “For Men Only” which she wrote after taking some scientific surveys about relationships? THey had a lot of very informative stuff like that in them, too. Eye opening.

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