FIve months

She is five months old today! She is almost crawling. She does this adorable army crawl, and rarely even gets stuck (picture a wind up toy getting jammed up againset the couch or in a corner)any more. Her favorite things to play with are anything that is not a toy…the newspaper, the legs of the chairs, the camera, the egg carton full of tiny little pom-pons activitiy I made for Aviana, pictures, paper scraps in my studio, she makes a beeline right for it. We usually sit her on the counter or table with us while we eat in the Bumbo, but she has an amazing reach! In the span of five seconds, she will do this windmill thing and clear the table of the dressing, juice pitcher, plates, serving ware, napkins and glasses in one fell swoop!If it weren’t so annoying, we’d be more impressed! And believe me, we think all that stuff is out of harm’s way. She’s got rolls and rolls of fat. I love to squeeze her! If it wouldn’t get me locked away, I would just eat her up! On further contemplation, getting locked away might be kind of restful…She’s so chubby, I couldn’t really hold on to her in her bath anymore, luckily Tina loaned us the best invention EVER! It’s a little suction cup bottomed round chair that allows baby to spin around, and play and still be held upright, so you don’t have fear her drowning, but you don’t have support all her weight. Highly recommended!

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