First Hair Cut

Aviana is almost two years and seven months and got her first haircut today. I was really nervous that she would have a giant tantrum and refuse, even though I’ve been talkin’ it up for weeks. She did at first, refusing to sit in the chair and clinging to me like a suction cup Garfield, but we went out to the car for a chat, which worked wonders. Miss Julia, who does a fantastic job on my hair, cut like the wind. She said she has learned to work fast when you have a moving target. I bribed Aviana with getting some M&M’s and then Miss Julia gave her a lollipop! Had I known that, I wouldn’t have promised the chocolates.

It looks adorable, even though you can’t tell in these pictures. Tad windy out today.




3 thoughts on “First Hair Cut

  1. First haircuts are such heartbreakers. My 4 year old daughter still hasn’t had hers, but my son has had a couple now. So far, so good. It’s always such a relief when kids cooperate with it.

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