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I read my new book every chance I got, and just finished it. I recommend it to anyone who wants a refreshing read in a unique format. It’s set up as an email loop, like they have in Yahoo! groups, instead of a ‘traditional’ novel. It is a group of real friends, even though some of them may not have met IRL (in real life), who help each other through the daily-ness of life. They support each other through struggles with infertility, in-laws, sisterly rivalry, conquering perfectionism, discipline issues, going back to work, pregnancy–you know, life. As a SAHM who often feels isolated, looking in on this group of friends is a respite. Plus it has an antagonist you love to hate, a protaganist you can really relate to, not to mention it’s funny. Laugh out loud funny. Run out and get it today (or click on the book and order it online).

In case you’re wondering, I wrote this review and recommendation solely because I want you to be as affected by this book as I was. And here is a review of the first novel by the same author.

Book Review: SAHM I Am by Meredith Efken
If you are looking for a poolside read, this is it! Ms. Efken writes a book filled with fun, humor and yet addresses serious issues that women deal with on a daily basis. Several stay-at-home moms (hence SAHM of the title) from across the country become friends and confidantes who although never having met in person, support each other on their e-mail chat group. The problems that they discuss are problems we all understand and perhaps are issues we ourselves have.
Dulcie Hulckleberry is frustrated because her husband is gone frequently on business; Zelia Muzuwa is an artist whose creative home-schooling isn’t a big hit with her more structured and straight-laced husband; Phyllis Lorimer is a pastor’s wife with a congregation who isn’t forgiving or very Christ-like in their actions and attitudes; and Rosalyn Ebberly, the moderator of the group, is a self-righteous, “perfect” mom with problems of her own.
The unique format of the e-mail exchange is a smooth flow and fun to read. If you are anything like me you will want to start e-mail loops of your own after reading this book. Ms. Efken succeeds in keeping the mood and tone of the book light, while she tackles serious life issues like infertility, job loss, and marital difficulities. Any book that can make me laugh out loud several times, and still speak to my heart, has my stamp of approval.

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